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Astrological and Energy Transits Reading

In this 45 minute session via Zoom, I will discuss your current astrological transits as well as any natal placements that may be affecting your energy at this time. Together with my intuition, I will provide guidance in self discovery in regards to your career, mission, relationships and health. Please come with questions that are keeping you stuck.

Please note that this is a recorded session so that once we are finished, you will be able to download the session to a computer within 48 hours to refer back to over time. These sessions come with a TON of information and this process will help you integrate the knowledge over time.

I look forward to discovering your cosmic signature together!

The Rose Quartz Recorded Reading

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A 1:1 SESSION. This recorded and emailed scan through an mp4 will highlight current emotional/mental/physical areas in your body field that need some awareness at this time. Many clients will order this instead of meeting to get an idea of the work that I do and ways that I can assist you going forward.

It is available for you to download and listen to again and again. 

In the 15-20 recorded reading, I will discuss the root causes of your currents blocks as well as any guidance to take action with these areas of concern. I will make suggestions but it will be up to you to decide what resonates for you!

If you choose to meet with me for a session after ordering this reading, please contact me directly as your first session will be discounted. I look forward to helping you on your healing journey!

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