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Are you ready to up-level your mastery as a human being? This course is for you if:

  1. You feel like you have a higher purpose/mission here on Planet Earth but you just can’t quite figure it out.
  2. You are energy-sensitive, intuitive and still are like…okay but what the heck do I do with this gift?
  3. You feel like you were put on this earth to serve humanity but whenever you tried to do it, you get burnt out or screw over.
  4. You want to exit the matrix (or maybe just have) and you are wondering how to live this new life away from the rules of the patriarchy.

In this 6 week course (with the option to extend):

  • You will have the opportunity to get really honest about who you are and what you came here to accomplish.
  • You will have the opportunity to look at the fears/triggers/blocks that keep you playing small.
  • You will look at how the planets (especially the moon) will help you understand your emotions and patterns better. This part is also called “shadow work” for anyone that has been doing it.
  • We are going to create an amazing community of like minded people who ACTUALLY have your back and want to see you succeed. We will even look at the natural shadow of competition and why that won’t work in the New Age of Aquarius.
  • You will understand our body clues, visions, dreams, shamanic journeys better and trust that we are truly being guided to a new flow of peace and compassion.

This course is 100% NOT for you if you aren’t willing to get honest with yourself and see all the depths of you.

Every week, we will meet for 90 minutes and there will be a 15 minute Q&A at the end for anyone to bring up ANYTHING. Again, it will be relatable to everyone in the group.

In these sessions:

I will do a channeled reading to start every week with someone and it WILL be applicable to everyone in the group. 

We will do a guided exercise and will work as a group and in break out rooms.

I will give you homework and it will be fulfilling and interesting. Think of an inspector gadget type scenario (if y’all remember who he was.lol)

It is required to be on the call with the video turned on BUT if you can't make it one or two weeks, a video recording will be sent out to you via email. You won't get as much out of it but it will still be effective.

The cost is $399 for 6 weeks. It can be paid via G-Pay, CashApp, Square Payments, or there is an option for 4 pay installments at checkout.

Any questions? Please email me at alisa@alisadubay.com

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO refunds.