DEVIKA VIBES FLOWER POTIONS (flower essences) are cultivated and produced in South Texas, using seasonal Texas Wildflowers. We are so excited to be a part of your healing journey, using what Mother Gaia provides us to support and nourish our emotional body.

Please note that these essences are powerful! They will clear blocks and remove situations in your life that are not for the highest good for your healing before introducing what is naturally meant for you.

For example: Some people take the abundance potion and then might lose something in their life to make way for the TRUE abundance that is more in alignment with their soul’s path.

You may see results both immediately and continuously as your energy field up levels to these frequencies of the flowers.

ABUNDANCE: raise your vibration to the level of abundance in health, wealth, and love. You will FEEL the abundance magnetism.

HEALING HEART: Your broken heart needs mending from past hurts, a loss of job, person, or yourself. Bringing you back to wholeness.

MAGIC! High Vibe: You need a little magic, serendipity and hope in your life. Start feeling magical throughout your day.

CRAVE CONTROL: It’s time to give that one thing up. You need a little assistance from mama earth to help curb the cravings. This helps you become more aware and be able to make choices from your power.

CLARITY: The mental fog and lethargy have gone on long enough. This subtle potion will clear things up and get you back into a flow you love.

More coming soon!

Have an idea for an essence? Send me a quick note on my contact sheet at the bottom of the page! here!